Ahead of the 2nd VeTOOLS workshop that will take place next September in Iceland, it was organised a two-days briefing in Reykjavik, with the aim of preparing a practical exercise that will be developed there. This exercise will be focused on the long and short-term volcanic hazard evaluation of the Reykjanes peninsula, in Iceland. In fact, during the 2nd meeting of the project it will show some of the VolcanBox e-tools to have a feedback from all the participants. 

The first day of the briefing was attended by Stefania Bartolini and Laura Becerril (CSIC group), Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir and Þóra Björg Andrésdóttir (IESUI group), Jón Örvar (Iceland Catastrophe Insurance), and Ágúst Gunnar Gylfason (Iceland Civil Protection) in which we defined the general lines of the exercise. The second day we had the opportunity to visit and exchange information with the Icelandic Meteorological Office and to put the finishing touches tothe exercise with Hulda Ragnheiður Árnadóttir and Jón Örvar in the Iceland Catastrophe Insurance office.

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